What is iCivil ?

iCivil™ is a Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) System. It is based on a mobile Application (under Android) which allows to record birth certificates. The details of every new-born baby are sent by a coded SMS from a mobile phone application to an officer of Health authorized for this purpose. This application links the details of the baby to a unique, and non-forgeable authenticator: a Bubble Tag™.

The SMS is received immediately by the server of the national Centre of civil status. With the help of automatic data processing, the combination SMS/authenticator produces automatically, a record of birth, ready to print and signed by the competent authorities. This way, the records of civil status become a central national records that grows every day. Parents do not need to travel long distances anymore to inform the authorities about the birth.

The collection of the birth certificate

The authentic and controllable birth certificates, can be obtained in the form of a bracelet (Token) given on the day of child’s birth. You do not need to go back anymore to your natal village to obtain an extract of the birth certificate. Every centre for civil status in the country can consult, print and deliver an extract of the requested act.

Checking the authenticity of birth certificates

The authorities, the Security Service, the Civil Service, can also verify the authenticity of all documents of Civil Status that are in circulation, directly online. The verification is done on the website of the dedicated government